Finding a Place to Settle (Psalm 107.1-9)


Here are the questions for this week based on the sermon that Rev. Kit Ripley preached last weekend.  Please feel free to use them as you see fit.  The hope is that you’ll use them for your personal devotions or within your community (i.e., your small group, Bible study, or Sunday School).  Thanks!

Questions for Reflection
~Pastor Matt Barnes

  1. In v.2 the psalmist encourages those who are redeemed to tell their stories. Why do you think he’d make this request? Why are stories so powerful? How can we, as followers of Jesus, do a better job of telling our stories?
  2. There are 65.3 million people in the world who are displaced from their homes due to war, famine, natural disasters, and other causes. What do you think that we as the Church can do to alleviate some of their pain and suffering? How can we be a place that allows them to settle, as in v. 7?
  3. It’s pretty clear from this passage that God cares deeply about those who are wanderers in deserted wastelands (v.4). Besides exiles and refugees, who else might be correctly identified as “wanderers in deserted wastelands”? How might we do a better job of identifying people like these who are in need?
  4. Have you ever felt like you’ve been stuck in the desert all by yourself (physically, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise)? What did you do? How do you wish people would have treated you during this time?
  5. If we as followers of Jesus did a better job of providing places for people to settle down, what would the impact be on our reputation? And why does this matter?

Takeaway: How can you, your small group, Sunday School class, or your family help someone who is an exile or refugee in our community?


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Thanks again!