Philip and Nathanael: Found (John 1.43-51)

Questions for Reflection

~Pastor Matt

  1. Read through verses 43-45. What is the significance of the three times that the word finding/found is used?  Who finds whom?  Today, who is finding us and who are we to find?
  2. In verse 46 Nathaniel says something rude about the people of Nazareth. What do you think about Philip’s response?  Is his response something that we need to incorporate into our ways of talking more and more?  Why or why not?
  3. In verse 48 Jesus says that he saw Nathaniel under the fig tree before Philip called him. Why do you think that Nathaniel responded the way that he did in verse 49?  What was so special about Jesus seeing Nathaniel under a fig tree?
  4. How do you make sense of the imagery used by Jesus in verse 51? What is Jesus talking about?  What might it mean for us today?
  5. Who in our lives needs to be found? Say their names out loud and/or write them down.  When will you imitate Philip, asking them to “come and see” the one who saved you and who loves you with an everlasting love?

Takeaway: Commit to pray for someone in your life who needs to be found every single day this week.  And then pray for them!


Andrew: Come and See (John 1.35-42)


Here are the questions for the sermon on June 25, 2017 entitled “Andrew: Come and See (John 1.35-42).”  Read the passage and then work through the questions one at a time, taking time to ponder and to let the Spirit work in you and your group.

  1. In John 1.37 two of John the Baptist’s followers began following Jesus? Why? What attracted them to Jesus?
  2. Jesus tells the two people following him to come and see where he was staying (John 1.39). Why do you think Jesus said this? What value would there have been in having these two men see where he stayed?
  3. After spending time with Jesus, the first thing that Andrew did was to find Simon Peter, his brother, so that he could share with him that the Messiah had been found (John 1.40-41). What do you think caused Andrew to be so excited to share with his brother?
  4. Spending time, just one afternoon!, with Jesus changed Andrew’s life and his brother’s life too! How are we spending time with Jesus? Is it changing our lives? Why or why not?
  5. Andrew immediately had to share with the person he loved the most that he had met Jesus. What is holding us back from sharing with people in our lives? How can we address these issues so that we will actually share the good news?

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Pastor Matt